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Box Basics Examples
Personality Boxes are made from the most intriguing woods that we can find,  a little imagination, and a bandsaw.  Each one is hand crafted from a whole piece of wood taken from a trunk, limb, root, or burl. 

They often have irregular shapes and features that add to the 'character' of the box.  We try to use and enhance these to give each box its own subtle personality.  Many boxes have naturally occurring cracks that were created as the wood dried and shrank.  

We make two basic types of boxes: drawer and twist-top. 

All exterior surfaces and drawer interiors are sanded. The boxes are finished with two coats of an oil based finish, then waxed and buffed.

We use as many as ten machines and twenty-one separate steps to make a box.

A Box is Clamped
A clamped box body

Juniper from front (closed)
Juniper Vertical (2 drawers)
Juniper from side (drawers out)


Viewed from front (closedt)
Black Walnut Burl (3 drawers)Viewed from above (drawers out)

Viewed from front while closed
Twist-Top Ring Boxes
(Olive / Myrtlewood)
Viewed from above while open

About Us

Personality Boxes are made by Barbara and Ben, a  husband/wife team that were already gray-haired when they started making and selling these unique "bandsaw boxes" at the Portland Saturday Market over 15 years ago. They are sold directly by us and never consigned or wholesaled to another shop.  The Portland Saturday Market attracts tourists from everywhere and we have had customers from all over the globe.  

We do everything ourselves - from finding the wood, cleaning it up and making the boxes, to offering them for sale in art and craft shows. We stand behind them. If not satisfied, your purchase price will be promptly refunded when the box is returned.


Personality Boxes may serve as a storage place, a decorator item, or a conversation piece - frequently all three.  They can be used for trinkets, jewelry, desk items, change, keys, kitchen items, etc. These boxes frequently make people smile!  Although they can be functional, (the drawers work!) - they can just be conversation pieces for those who enjoy showing the hidden drawer box to their friends.  They make suitable and memorable gifts for many occasions. 

Some customers have used a box as unique packaging for a small precious gift.

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