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Drawer Boxes Examples
Our drawer boxes normally have a main drawer coming out of a natural (uncut) front. Most have one or more additional hidden drawers. One type of hidden drawer is located inside of the main drawer (at the back). Another type is located in the body of the box itself (to the side). They can be found only if the main drawer is fully removed. You can view these drawer types on the automated box page.

Making these boxes involves cutting the original piece of wood apart and then, eventually, gluing all the parts back together again in their original positions. The completed box appears just like the original piece except that it now contains at least one drawer. This process does produce seams that are visible to various degrees. 

The main drawer will have some type of knob or pull. It can be natural, carved, or glued on. Any hidden drawers are accessed by tipping the the part that holds them.

These boxes may be used for jewelry by some, but are not conventional jewelry boxes.  We try to put the largest drawer possible for a given piece, but in also trying to get as many drawers as we can, we end up with mostly small drawers. 

Common size ranges: Height 1 to 6 inches; Width 2 - 12"; Depth 2 - 8" (front to back).

Two large and two small boxes

Price Range: These boxes are usually priced between $30 and $150.

Viewed from front (closed)
Osage Orange (2 drawers)Viewed from above (with drawers out)

Viewed from front (closed)
Juniper Vertical (2 drawers)
Viewed from side (with drawers out)
Viewed from above (with drawers out)

Twist-Top Boxes 
Twist-top boxes are small - about 2 1/2 inches tall with an irregular footprint of a few inches.  The top half swivels open to reveal a cavity  drilled with a flat-bottomed drill bit.  These holes are near 1 1/2 inches in diameter and about 1 inch deep (pictures at right).  

The top swivels on a bolt thru the bottom which is threaded and glued into the top.  A spring washer on the bolt maintains a constant tension for the twist action.

These 'twist-top' boxes we refer to as either a ring box or a stamp box.  The ring box can hold one or more rings or other jewelry.  The stamp box can hold a roll of 100 self-stick U.S. postage stamps and has a slot on the side for those  stamps. The stamp boxes can also be used as ring boxes if you don't mind the slot.

These boxes usually fall in the $15-$25 range.  

Two 100-count rolls (coils) of $0.37 self-stick stamps
 (Visit post office site to view all styles)

Twist-top Stamp Boxes
(Olive / Manzanita burl)

Viewed from front (closed)
Twist-top Ring Boxes
(Manzanita / Maple burl)
Viewed from above (open)


Viewed from front (closed)
Olive Horizontal (2 drawers)
Viewed from side (with drawers out)

Styles (vertical, horizontal, and burl)
When we use limb wood for drawer boxes we categorize them into 'Verticals' and 'Horizontals' depending upon the direction the wood grain is running. Customers sometimes refer to 'Verticals' as 'Stump boxes' and to 'Horizontals' as 'Log boxes'. 

Two verticals (left) and two horizontals (right)

These two categories generally do not apply to 'burl' boxes unless some portion has obvious grain direction. 

Three Burl Boxes

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