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(last update 3/5/2003)
Q. Do we accept credit cards? Examples
A. Only thru Paypal for online sales - At our booth we accept Personal checks, Traveler's checks, and cash.

Maple Burl (4 drawers)


Osage Orange (2 drawers)


Small Olive (2 drawers)

Q.  What is our price range?
A.  The drawer boxes usually fall in the $30-$150 range. Twist-top boxes are mostly $15-$25.

Q. Where do we get the Wood?

A. Please see the page on woods.
Q.  Can we make bigger boxes then these?
A.  There is a size limitation imposed by the bandsaw and the bandsaw blade.  It is necessary to use a very fine blade (0.017", 1/8th", 15 teeth/inch) to achieve the thin cuts.  The blade we use is meant for cutting thin stock; but we frequently cut up to 7" thickness in cutting out the drawers.    The maximum front-to-back distance for a drawer is thus about 7".  We find that there is demand for the smaller boxes, and for some people, not even our smallest is small enough!
Q.  Will we make a custom box for you?  ( or will you use my piece of wood?)
A.  Sorry, No.
Q.  How does one get the money out of the 'money slot'?
A.  It can be a harder to get out than put in. You may need to use a knife, a fingernail file, or a paper clip. Also, blowing on it sometimes works.  
Q.  How long does it take to make a box?
A.  Not counting the time for finding the wood (which is super variable),  it takes an average of three hours/box (drawer boxes).  There are so many steps to do on a box, we usually start a batch of 12 and do each step on the whole batch before going on to the next step.  (for example - a single drawer box has 21 separate steps) 
Q.  What do we use to cut them?
A.  We do all the cutting with a bandsaw.  We cut them apart and then glue and clamp them back together.  When we are done everything is back in the original position.  The seams left by this process are visible to various degrees.
Q.  How did we ever think of this?
 A.  I came up with the idea just before I escaped from the asylum.  
Q. What is our email address? 

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